In 2009, my wife and I formed CCFI LLC to begin saving for our children’s college expenses. CCFI stands for Children’s College Fund and Investments, which reflects our goal of providing for our children’s future. We started by purchasing one single family home and then continued to purchase, renovate, and rent properties while working and attending to our growing family. Years later, we have successfully invested in multiple property types and continue to grow. We believe that our success comes from three principles: Integrity, Responsiveness, and Follow-Through.

If you are considering selling your land to CCFI, you can expect us follow these same principles. We will act with integrity, we will respond to your needs quickly, and we will follow through on our commitments. It’s just the right way to treat people. It’s the right way to do business.

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We are upfront and honest with you at every step of the way. A sale needs to meet your needs, not just ours.


Expect fast answers to your questions, as well as a fast decision from us whether we move forward.


When we mutually agree to do something, we get it done. Expect professionalism and commitment from us.